In addition to our main tours, we can also offer you some additional excursions which offer something a bit different to your tour..........

camel safari bikaner by tars

CAMEL SAFARI - Bikaner in Rajasthan

The camel safari is included for free in our 12 day tour: 

We start the camel ride in Bikaner, in late afternoon. The 2 hour ride through the desert and its dunes culminates at the camping ground. Here you will get refreshments and evening meal, whilst watching the sunset over the dunes, before being entertained by Rajasthani folk singers and dancers. 

After an overnight camp and breakfast in the desert, a jeep ride will take you back to the guesthouse. 

sahauli village by tars


If you would like an insight into what life is really like in a rural Indian village we have an overnight village stay option. Spent some time with real Punjabi families, enjoy the tranquility of a rural environment, enjoy some real Indian food, get your henna done, before spending the night star gazing in an unpolluted atmosphere.

dharavi mumbai
delhi street scene by raghu-nayyar-484396-unsplash.jpg

SLUM TOUR - Dharavi Mumbai

if you want to get an insight into life in an urban slum - we have organised tours of Dharavi the worlds largest slum area. The tour is organised by local residents of the slums, and gives you an insight into the living and working conditions of the residents. However you will need to set aside a couple of days for this option, we would fly from London to Mumbai, then use a connecting flight to Delhi for the main tour and fly back from Delhi to London. 


An alternative if you dont want the additional travelling associated with going to Mumbai, is the Delhi slum tour. Although not as famous as the Dharavi slum, there are parts of Delhi where there are tours organised by local residents to give you an insight into the living and working conditions of the residents. This option can be added to the start or end of your tour when you are in Delhi.